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Pros of Strategy Based Video Games

Are you a fan of strategy-based video games?

Strategy and puzzle-based games are exceptionally good types of games for enhancing problem-solving. Almost every video game demands some type of planning and inventive thinking to move on to the next level. Strategic Video games are a great way to test your brain and to learn to overcome different obstacles and problems.

Do you know the perks of strategy based Video Games?

  1. Observational skills: It checks your observational skills. The player needs to develop keen observation. The player needs to understand the way the game is being played by his observation.
  2. Problem-solving skills: With strategy based games, players learn to solve the arisen unexpected problems.
  3. Concentration and memory skills: These games monitors your memory skills by adding different obstacles in their levels. The Players need to remember the dynamics of the game. They need the concentration to defeat their opponent.
  4. Prediction skills, logic and reasoning: As a player plays the game with more interest, it improves his gameplay, and he begins to use logic and reasoning skills to project what to do next in a calm and composed way.
  5. Map reading skills: Some strategy games are played on topographical maps. Players need to learn to understand the map for their best movement and defensive situations. Roads, woods, oceans, elevations, mountains, major rivers, coral reefs, streams, bridges, towns are all elements players need to understand.
  6. Mathematics: Some strategic games demands the basic understanding of addition and subtraction, along with skills in calculating percentages, odd ratios, multiplication, and division.
  7. History and current events: Various Strategy video games are recreations of actual historical battles. The developers of this kind of games hope to make the games historically as practical and realistic as possible. It encourages players to learn more about the history, beyond just the battlefields of the times. Also, some games are created to help players learn and spark the interest in them towards current world events.
  8. Communication Skills: Many Multiplayer strategy video games require players to communicate, consult, and interact with other players to be satisfied with the game play.

If you know any other benefits of strategy based video games, please share them with us in our comments section!



29 thoughts on “Pros of Strategy Based Video Games

  1. luffyzorro2012 says:

    This is why games are suppose to be only an alternative a way to kill time. As I said before nothing beats real games real encounters real experiences; However like it or not video games are now part of culture as lomg as you have a console or smartphone you can play regardless if it is recommended or not everything is digital after all.

  2. Maureen says:

    I still wouldn’t recommend video games to my kids. It’s addictive and eats up a lot of time. All these “pros” in the article can be learned by having your child play actual, real games with his/her friends.

  3. Martha A. says:

    In general, I think, strategy-based video games teach quick problem-solving skills. You can never learn that anywhere, not even in school.

  4. Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung says:

    “f you know any other benefits of strategy based video games, please share them with us in our comments section” What I think that, the strategy based games let people work fast, type fast, and think fast. It also bring visual coloring for the people

  5. Reed says:

    I especially like the RTS-type games. To me, they are sort of similar to chess, just much more complex. I don’t really know any more pros about playing such games aside from what is already listed here. All I know is, such games are fun – and isn’t that what games are supposed to be for in the first place?

  6. Teddy says:

    While it is true that experience from games is far different from the real thing, it is also true that through repetition and practice, the skills required to perform real-life tasks can be honed through them. Games can never replace actual experience, just like a map can never replace a real mountain trail, but it can give you an idea about what to expect – and that is still something.

  7. luffyzorro2012 says:

    Yes to an extent but the thing is games digital ones are no different from a pilot spending hours in flight simulations. But the thing is that will never replace actual experience the same thing can be applied here.

  8. Aleksandr says:

    There are pros and cons to video games, and this article is about the PROs. And I agree with the author here that video games teach us these skills. Strategy-based video games are the sophisticated equivalent of problem-solving skills that kids learn inside the classroom.

  9. Diana says:

    This article is on point! To those who only see the negative impact of video games, here’s what I think: if you’re a parent, would you allow your kid to play for hours on a school night? I believe other people’s point is the excessive hours of kids playing MMG and RPG and missing out on school or other more important things. Again, my question is…as a parent/guardian, what are you doing about it?

  10. Jeff Putman says:

    You know what…I always thought a game was just a game, and my kids play a heckuva lot of them. But I never knew how educational they can be and the personal qualities they can build until after reading your article. You have really given me a different perspective on gaming. Thank you for opening my eyes.

  11. Littledave says:

    Now nobody can dispute the keen observational skills that gamers can acquire. Playing these fast-paced and multi thought-provoking games forces you to stay on your toes and observe every little thing that’s for sure.

  12. Annise says:

    But how about hte stress? My husband get really pissed off when he is loosing, and he screams and get really angry! I think is funny for me to watch him all angry (he never gets violent or something), but at the end he is really really stressed out.

  13. Ingrid says:

    I´ve read about a child who was able to save his sister (and himself) from an animal attack, because he knew how to avoid the attack and he learn that thanks to a videogame!

  14. luffyzorro2012 says:

    I humby disagree with the previous comment. I agree that games sharpen skills somewhat it even provides an escape somewhat. If you noticed I am using somewhat here because gamers are so into games that they tend to eat even go to school true events guys in the Philippines teens skip essentials just to play DOTA.

  15. onejanedoe says:

    OK, I’m willing to buy that stradegy based games can teach kids a great deal about problem solving and help kids aquire certain map reading skills depending on the game, so with that, is there a way to make video games with actual learning outcome objectives and use them in our education system? I am sure there must be a way to develop a teaching module and attach testable learning objectives to it or is impossible to make a game fun and educational at the same time?

  16. TheSexyFilipina says:

    i think strategy based games do help us practice certain positive traits… traits that we can use in our normal and daily lives… and that’s such a advantage when playing these games… not only that your having fun… you also learn stuff like Map Reading and exercising logic and proper reasoning… that for me is a plus… something u learn online that you can clearly apply in your daily life…

  17. Mau says:

    I wish there were some studies which actually measures the correlation of strategy-based video games and real-life effect of it (maybe there are, I’m just not aware of them). That being said, maybe another effect to a gamer is increase in patience and perseverance.

  18. Athan says:

    I remember making my parents read an article like this when I was a kid to convince them that I learned things from computer games. As a person who loved doing research, I even laid out a presentation report for them. All of my efforts were dismissed as just excuses to be allowed to play. This is why to all the kids out there: Do your best in school to get a well-paying job so that you can get your own place sooner and play your games in peace! ^_^

  19. Nat says:

    I think there is strategy involved in all video games. The amount and skill set/s required is what differs. As a genre however, the pros stated in this article are factual. But not all parents understood these during my youth.

  20. Jesse says:

    If I may add, video games teach more information to our kids than going to school. I totally agree with the list above. They’re all true.

  21. Carolyn says:

    There is no denying that people who play video games are smarter than most people. And, contrary to popular belief, they also develop interpersonal skills that translate to real life.

    1. Craig says:

      Well I don’t know if their “ultra intelligent” skills really translate into real life, unless perhaps they are put in a situation where it is forced out, Kinda like the real life situation where a woman gained so much adrenaline to prevent a can from crushing and killing here baby that she lifted the car with her bare hands with no problem.

  22. Deejay Dayton says:

    That’s a pretty thorough analysis. I suppose the only thing I could add is that some strategy based games would also help teach storytelling, and narrative. It depends on the game, of course, as does the history and current events notion.

  23. Michael Rumondor says:

    Strategy games are cool. Not only the fast paced one though. My dad spend his time playing Civilization because he really like games but too old to be playing all those fast paced adrenaline pumping games of today.

  24. VirtualBABE says:

    i LOVE strategy based GAMES!!! iv been loving them ever since such games came to existence… and im a living proof of it’s advantages… now with work… im able to deal with different tasks at the same time… my mind is just on haywire whenever my boss gives me stuff to do and they’re all just piled up… i think i got that from playing these types of games… i don’t get easily stressed out… i don’t panic… and i don’t cry in one corner like a baby when work is already over head… there are real life advantages to playing such games… we all just need to find what we have gained that is good out of playing such fun video games…

  25. theramenboi says:

    well yeah… they do say that playing online strategic games help you develop alot of things… hand-eye coordination, communication skills, team work, certain reflexes, online knowledge, tech savvy skills and the likes… hmmmmmmmm… i do agree… somehow… coz im with reservations with this one… go play your strategic games… but pls… pls remember that REAL LIFE is just outside your AMOLED screens… lol… live a little baby… :3

  26. B.A.P.A. says:

    I think hand-eye coordination is one other benefit of videogames. Your reflexes are sharpened because you need to react quickly to what is happening on the screen. It is quite the coordination exercise!

  27. Aram says:

    One of the biggest pros I see is problem solving skills. Some of these games take so much brain power to think your way out of tight situations while being pressed for time that you’re bound to become a master problem solver before you even realize it!

  28. Yi Ling says:

    Yah there are competitions too and only the best win because it takes a lot of knowledge and skill in these games to be best. I agree many benefits for playing this kinds of game. Thank you for posting this. May I reference this in some school work I am doing?

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