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Travour:”The truth? That’s my fist, your pick. You can’t handle THE TRUTH!”

Hey again! Today we’re releasing for preview the updated art for Project-X Champion Travour. Hope you like it! More updated art, new villains and information on Project-X to follow soon.

As always, your feedback is precious to us so, please leave a remark here, send us your comments to, through our contact us page, or tweet us at @essjay_ent.



50 thoughts on “Updated Art: Project-X Champion Travour

  1. Linkelou says:

    I think one of the biggest problems with his face is those sucked in cheeks. Just what is he doing? Is he trying to create an air vaccumn by sucking up all the available oxygen in the room? Maybe that’s what’s got him floating in the air the way he is. But on a more serious note, I think making his eyes a little less close together and lengthening his hair would help his appearance along with relaxing that sucked in look. He is supposed to be mixed race isn’t he? Well, then why not relax the hair just a little more, if it was a black female you would. That way you could beef him up a lot more without losing the “sexy” component. Just a thought.

  2. Jhun says:

    Damn I envy his chiseled jawline! LOL! Reminds me of that sexy blue-eyed convict whose mugshot became viral. What a waste if that beautiful face will be in the boxing ring! (My point: he doesn’t look like a boxer!).

  3. Ahmad says:

    Ok I’ve read all the comments and I agree with them — this boxer needs a makeover. And thank you, author, for the taking into consideration the suggestions! Of all the artwork I’ve seen so far, this one needs the most makeover.

  4. Luke says:

    The back story says that this character is from Philly. If this character would be in a fighting game, looking as he does, I don’t think I’d choose him. He doesn’t seem to have a boxer’s aura.

  5. Nathan says:

    The 2D concept art of this character looks more appealing for the role mentioned in his back story. I just got a little confused with that one because he looked like he was kicking. The gym he went to was not a kickboxing gym, was it? Anyway, the 2D version had a more intense look about him and his attire seems like a better match. I’d very much like to see a 3D version of that one.

  6. luffyzorro2012 says:

    THat was what I thought at first this guy does not look like can hold a candle in a fight but a character in street hoops. Until I read his story and said ohhh that is sad but he does not look the part.

    1. Great feedback. We’re redoing the character artwork and so please stay tuned 🙂

  7. Paris says:

    I agree with the comment above…he looks more like a Tre than a Travour. Also, his facial experience can be improved to look more fierce and confident.

    1. Thank you for the feedback! We’re working on a redo so please stay tuned.

  8. Berta says:

    Sorry, but he doesn’t look like a boxing student/champion. This artwork is certainly not what I had in mind after reading his story. I would suggest something like a Manny Pacquiao-esque appeal. I mean, try looking at the PR materials before his fights. That’s the look of a champion!

    1. Thank you for the feedback! We’re working on a redo so please stay tuned.

  9. Ingrid says:

    It was time to see a guy on this game!! He looks really strong and confident, really selfsure.
    Congratulations on your proyect!

  10. Annise says:

    I like him, but his shoulder looks weird; I think the other two characters (Briannna and I can´t remember the name of the asian girl) has more carefully details.

  11. luffyzorro2012 says:

    Oh I was so wrong for upon further research the game itself its premise is sad and dark. I mean you have a main character who beat up his old man to near death. This game has more than meets the eye.

  12. onejanedoe says:

    I have to agree with the comments that have rejected the name “Travour.” Maybe something a little simple like maybe just “Trev.” Or you could even go shorter and go Tre with the French symbol over the e to make it sound like a long A. Of course that might be just as bad as “Trevour, which I am having trouble figuring out if it is pronounced Trev our as in four or Trev our as in the word our. That, by the way, is part of what is wrong with the name, no obvious pronunciation. Lastly, his hair looks good, his clothes are OK too, but the stance should be more agressive and the shoulders definately wider with a more thickly muscled body and tell him to stop dancing to Michaal Jackson songs. Looking forward to the redo.

    1. Great feedback 🙂 Looking forward to the redo as well!

  13. TheSexyFilipina says:

    Travour?! is it possible for you to change his name to something more MANLY and SEXIER?! i dunno… TRAVOUR doesn’t sound stardom to me… if you want your character to really work well… have a name that is really catchy… and maybe revamp his old school look… it’s a bit of a drab… and bulk on the muscles… oh well… just mere suggestions bruh

  14. Nat says:

    I can see that you’re going for the realistic look here. That’s all good. Looking at this character though, there seems to be something lacking. He needs more intensity and intrigue. He is a champion, but stating that he is only a student of boxing makes it sound like he isn’t the best there is as he has superiors and teachers from his school/gym.

    1. Great comment, but there are student who have the capacity to surpass their teachers. All the heroes here are from that category. They are the best of the students, and they have the potential to become the greatest ever. Thank you for the comment.

  15. Sasha says:

    Great artwork! Travour is a nice name too. I like the fact that he is mixed-race. Btw, what’s his story?

    1. Hi Sasha and thank you for asking. His story may be found at this link:

  16. Athan says:

    On first look, the character looks like any other guy about to engage in a street fight. His attire does not show any obvious fighting discipline. Since it is mentioned that he is a boxer, he is likely a mid-range to a far-range fighter type due to his stance. Bigger shoulders would make him look more like a professional fighter.

  17. Bernard says:

    He reminds me of a character from Street Fighter. I just can’t figure out who it is. Having said that, I hope you make him stand out and have his own identity (make him unique).

  18. Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung says:

    “As always, your feedback is precious to us so, please leave a remark here,” What I think that, if there is a ‘3-D-‘letter’ on the sport-shirt, it might be more image appeared.

  19. VirtualBABE says:

    i do like this character… realistic and relatable… well im a black american babe and im actually digging this character… well if u know what i mean… lol… anyways good job on this character dude… lovin the 90’s oldschool look on him… jeans and a loose top,,, everything about this spells sexy and confident to me… a perfect 10… mwuah!!!

  20. theramenboi says:

    the character seems ok to me… but with these things… i think its best to make a male character that is somewhat of a MCDREAMY!!! you guys know what i mean right?! like a dashing debonair that is a mix of KEN and JASON STATHAM… with this character… you’d be able to create a great following for the said game… well… thats just honest opinion… we all need the extra serving of SEXY… don’t yah think?!

  21. Chelsey says:

    Travour is a lover not a fighter…or maybe he’s both, who knows…

  22. Darren says:

    Hello! So here’s what I think about this latest artwork:
    1. His head has a weird angle with the chest.
    2. His waistline is too slim — looks like a woman.
    3. He seems like floating on the floor.


    1. Thanks for this feedback. This character is getting revamped. Please check back later for an updated version!

  23. Linda says:

    Great artwork! He looks like Michael Jackson in Thriller, but his face looks blank. Also, his overly chiseled cheeks and jawline as well as his pouty lips looks better on the runway than on the streets!

    1. Yes we definitely have to tweak his facial expression 🙂 Thank you for the feedback!

  24. luffyzorro2012 says:

    is that his name Travour??? It would be nice if the article provides sort of gameplay. I an not that excited for this game until I see it in action.

  25. Kay-la-la says:

    Actually I was going to say he looks like he might be getting ready to throw you a kiss. Is he puckering up for one or did he just eat a slice of lemon after a shot of Tequila? I have to keep myself from laughing cause I keep hearing strains of “Beat It” by Michael Jackson when I look at this guy’s picture, but instead of Micheal, you’ve got this guy dancing away; he does look light on his feet though. Maybe tappdancing was a hobby in his youth?

    1. Great feedback 🙂 Yes we’ve had a few more people mention that he looks too calm for a fight so we’ve passed on this to the art team and they are working on an update! Thank you!

  26. JP says:

    Don’t underestimate this guy. He looks like he might throw a punch but might just surprise you and throw a drop kick!!

  27. Todd says:

    Hello, great picture! I think you should add a pin it button or something on your images so they can be shared on Pinterest.

    1. Great suggestion, thanks!

  28. Anna says:

    I read the story behind Travour and it is very well written. Looks and sounds like a very exciting character that people really can connect to. How did you come up with this idea? Amazing!

  29. Gordy says:

    Got dat Michael Jackson curl going on there. You go boy! Beat it just Beat it !

  30. Deejay Dayton says:

    good build, and strong attitude emerging from the face. I really like the colouring on the pants. Someone else referred to them as acid wash, but I thought it was just the reflections of the lighting. Either way, looks great!

    1. Ben G. says:

      Hmm now that’s the big mystery behind this character. Is he wearing acid wash jeans or are those just reflections? And what brand are they? hmmm

  31. luffyzorro2012 says:

    I have not heard about this one before is it a video game?I still have to do some research on it but it looks decent more like the street basketball game back then. Is that one of the characters? it is reminiscent of Eddy of Tekken.

    1. Hi Luffy, we haven’t made an announcement on the direction of the project yet. We’re waiting on an important piece of the puzzle on outside before we can say anything concrete. Thank you for the comment.

  32. Brenda Harris says:

    The background, the wall shadow, the setting and the colors – I like everything about it and can’t wait to see this character evolve!

  33. Stan R. says:

    I’m kinda caught in the middle on this image of Travour. His body has the stance that he’s ready to fight, but when I look at his face he just looks too chill. I think he needs more viciousness or “eye of the tiger” in his eyes or something, Something’s just not making me feel the “threat” of this character…that is if that’s what you wanted to project.

  34. Bresette says:

    Great character this Travour is. I like your blog but it just seems the pictures take a while to load sometimes. Maybe you should check into that. Anyways keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, will look into that right away.

  35. Ted says:

    I like the vibrant red & yellow shirt and the acid wash detail in the jeans he’s wearing. Great job!

  36. Grimard says:

    Well this Travour dude definitely looks confident, like he has no fear in his eyes whatsoever. There’s not telling the power behind this guy!

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