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Perks Of Sports-Themed Video Games

Want your child to go and play outside instead of sitting at home and playing the video games?

It’s generally believed that video games are somewhat responsible for the childhood obesity as they make kids sit in front of screens, and they don’t go outside and play.

Is this your worry?  Then, you might want to buy your kid a new video game after reading this!

A new research proposes that teenagers who play more sports-themed video games are more likely to get connected with real-life sports activities over time.

What’s more from research? Playing these video games seems to improve kids’ self-esteem by letting them understand, develop and master sports-related skills and awareness.

This research also suggests that sports video games produce a safe environment for youngsters to enhance sport-related skills and experience the excitement and the thrill of victory.

A survey of students from grade nine to twelve was held where they were asked how frequently they played sports video games?

Not surprisingly, we discovered students who played sports regularly were the same who played sports-themed video games. Moreover, we also found that sports video games play prophesied greater engagement in sports over time.

In other words, playing sports-themed games actually motivate teenagers to turn off their computers and get onto the playing field. But exactly what inspire them to suit up?

The answer is confidence! Playing sports video games predicted greater self-esteem, and in turn, self-esteem foretold greater engagement in (actual physical) sports.

This finding implies that sports video games provide a protected and secure environment for the teens to improve their sport-related skills, and help them in experiencing the excitement of victory, which over time intensify their self-esteem, and, in turn, boost them to participate in real-life sports.

We are familiar with the benefits of sports in our children’s lives. Sports help our children to develop useful habits by associating hard work with the rewards that come with their victory. For kids who are too shy or dubious to learn the basics of the sport in front of their peers, the video-game comfort can serve as a safe space to expand their skills and self-confidence.

So what have you decided? Would you let your child play their favorite sport related video game?

Share your views with us in the comments section!



30 thoughts on “Perks of Sports-Themed Video Games

  1. jflem81 says:

    I’m a big sports fan and sports game player. I completely agree with this post. My prime years had passed me before I got into team sports. Playing video games has made me want to get into them now.

  2. luffyzorro2012 says:

    I will just add to the previous comment we are now tackling the disadvantages of digital sports. Which I will have to agree and again nothing beats the real deal.

  3. TheSexyFilipina says:

    i think sports themed games actually encourage people to play the real thing next. We all know that by playing these games, our interest in such games grow even more, thus the possibility of playing the real thing. I do hope that more and more people transfer from sports themed games to the real sport, for in this day and age of obesity and heart ailments, we all need the extra exercise.

  4. Jones says:

    I love sports themed games. I think I have a couple of almost every sport. But the transition from the video game to the real one is not as easy as I used to think it was. Like there was this one time with bowling, I did not expect the ball to be that heavy! I thought my arms were gonna fall off after my first real game. Then again, I think video games will catch up with the experience of the real thing soon.

  5. Baxter says:

    I used to try different plays on my sports games to see if they would work. Even if the result of my experiments on it is not 100% perfect, it is still a way for me to test things that I may be able to use in real games.

  6. Marcus says:

    Playing sports video games allows kids to practice their skills. Probably due to lack of time or space, video games provide them the opportunity to do this. As the article says, video games provide them a safe environment to do this. So by the time they can actually play, they commit less mistakes.

  7. Ronald says:

    This is true. I could never imagine a boy playing NBA2K15 and not wanting to play hoops with his buddies thereafter. I guess we just have to make sure our kids have ample time to go out and play. What they acquire or learn in sports video games, they can apply in their actual game!

  8. Johnf514 says:

    I have not checked in here for a while since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend

  9. VirtualBABE says:

    WOW!!! didnt know that there is really an advantage on kids playing sports related games… well i do have a 7 year old kid… and he wants me to let him play games like these on his tablet… i was apprehensive before but now that i have read this blog… i might think otherwise and let my son play with some sports game soon… i hope this will encourage him more to play soccer or tennis later on… coz my dream is for him to play Wimbledon when he grows up… lol… well i do hope so…

  10. theramenboi says:

    i guess youre right… playing sports video games might actually ENCOURAGE a kid to eventually play the real thing… however… this still needs a little bit of push with regards to good parenting… a responsible parent must encourage his/her own child to do sports online… then afterwards push them to go outside and do the REAL THING… obesity is a real problem with being online way too much… or with engaging with too much technology… so it still boils down on the parents… on what they think is best for their kids…

  11. Jeanette says:

    It’s not the video games’ fault. It’s all about control. Anything in excess is bad. I agree with this article about the benefits of video games.

  12. Quinn says:

    This is true. My son loves playing football/soccer video games as well as on the field! I guess it all boils down to parenting skills. I’m never too busy to not check on my kid who’s been playing video games for hours.

  13. luffyzorro2012 says:

    However I am not discrediting video games hell I even am a fan myself there is nothing wrong with being into the game. In fact, digital sports games gives someone a sense of being in an actual game which he or she may not be able to play physically due to life circumstances.

  14. JP says:

    Yes of course I would let my child play their favorite sport related video game. There’s no harm in that. Let them have their fun and learn something at the same time.

  15. onejanedoe says:

    If there is anything at all to the “law of attraction,” then playing sports themed video games and doing well in them, could very weill “attract” sport related activity to your child. The premise behind the “law of attraction,” is that what you think about a lot and give a lot of mental importance to, is what you “attract” into your life. So if a child playing a game of video basketball for instance, does well in it and then feels good about it, they are likely to have it in the forefront of their mind a fair bit. This in turn gets them to thinking of themselves as being a good basketball player in real life (because when you are a kid it is easy to transfer one idea to another without there having to be any real proof that it works that way) and this is what “attracts” the ability to play basketball in reality. I know this sounds a bit goofy, but it actually makes some sense if you think about it.

  16. Todd says:

    I can definitely see how this can really improve a child’s self-esteem – especially if they are verry shy and have a hard time connecting with people and being active in real life. But we must encourage them to interact with people in real life so that they won’t become a hermit.

  17. luffyzorro2012 says:

    Okay while I agree that games somewhat trigger interest in sports but bottomline is real sports are done physically and not digital. Simply Put nothing beats the sun, sand. sweat and exercise that real games give as compared to a digital one.

  18. Brenda Harris says:

    Well I always believe that every conception starts in the mind. After all, the mind control the body. So this connection between sports video games and kids gaining the confidence to play sports in real life is really not hard for my to believe,

  19. Deejay Dayton says:

    An interesting perspective. I can see how practicing on a video game would be very good for learning the basic skills, although of course one would need to practice them in reality as well. But building confidence in children is a major task, and one that gets overlooked. Those who do not excel naturally at sports often feel left out. Video games could serve as a way to encourage them to keep trying.

  20. Ingrid says:

    I believe videogames have a lot of perks, most of kids who plays videogame can develope a lot of coordination, on the other side I will rather to send my child to play outside real football instead of FIFA on the Xbox.

    1. Courtney says:

      Yes it has to be some balance. Kids can’t just stay cramped up in the house all the time eating cheetoes and playing videos games. They need to get out and experience nature sometime.

  21. Mau says:

    Is it that sports-themed video games motivate kids to play sports in real life or is it that kids who play sports in real life get motivated to play video games? Or maybe both?

    What I do see as a result of playing sports themed video games is more knowledge about the sport– this happened to me when I learned football due to a video game.

    1. Great point Mau. Most of the hardcore gamers don’t really like physical exertion. Have you ever felt the urge to go fight bad guys in real life when playing an action game? All the adrenaline coursing through the body… When a gamer plays a game, they have a greater tendancy to act it out in real life too. Not everyone, but many do. This isn’t limited just to gaming of course. People who read books/comics, or watch movies have similar tendencies.

  22. Nat says:

    If a sport-themed game is coded to be as realistic as it possible can, that would definitely be a helpful thing for kids who want to become good at a certain sport. It can give them ideas on how to manage themselves and the other players on a court or field. It can simulate plays and moves which they can then try out later on the real thing. It’s like a pre-practice game!

    1. Ben G. says:

      Pre-practice, yeah I like the sound of that. Now it puts video games in the light of not only being just a game, but a vital training tool as well.

  23. Athan says:

    I’m not much into sports-themed video games. However, I do believe that they can be good references for the young ones to see what they are all about before venturing the real thing. After learning enough of the sport through video games though, I’d prefer they play them in actual as opposed to playing them in a screen. Let’s see, I think the last sport-themed game I had played was NBA JAM!

  24. Smithf771 says:

    Hi there! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with us so I came to give it a appear. Im definitely loving the details. Im bookmarking and will likely be tweeting this to my followers! Outstanding blog and great style and style.

  25. soharey says:

    Great post. Like this blog. Keep up the good work.

  26. prontoebahas says:

    Ya my nefew gets excited when we play with XBOX Kinect. I agree.

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