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Video Games: An Art or Not? Presented by Saljack Enterprises

Video Games: An Art or Not?

Have you ever thought of playing a work of art? Or are you playing the work of art? Yes, there is a valid correlation of art and video games. The Artists intend to express, and the designers intend to craft.

I believe that video games are proving to be one of the most influential means of art that humanity has ever had at its conclusion.

Technology has developed the canvas upon which artists can paint and tell their stories. Video Games are indeed collision of art and science that exist in the digital space. It combines many forms of traditional artistic expression in the form of illustrations, 3D modeling, dynamic music and a narrative arc to create something that excels in its type. This medium is growing faster than any other forms of art and will proceed to do so as the technology improves and cultural opinion shifts.

What I think is video games are also the only source of media that permits to personalize the artistic talent and practice by maintaining the authority of the artist. In a particular video game, you find three distinguished voices: the creator, the game, and the player. Those who are playing the game are bound to follow the story and the rules of the author but based on their choices the experience can be made entirely personal. So if you observe the work of another person and find a personal connection to it, then the art has been achieved!

Video games are a medium of today’s art. Writers draft story arcs and dialogue, composers create soundtracks and effects, programmers choreograph all the moving pieces into a seamless world, and artists create 2D images and 3D models. Thus, the video game created is a hodgepodge of art.  The players react and act in the game, and there is a no other medium where the person experiencing it understands it so deeply that they use personal pronouns when describing their experience.  No one has ever said that he has defeated someone after reading a book or watching a movie!

We are growing in a world where we can find an equal and meaningful relationship on both sides of the digital line. Video games are a natural progression of discovering our world, discovering each other, and finding ourselves.

So what are your views on this? You agree with me or have your opinion? Share with me in the comments section!





27 thoughts on “Video Games: An Art Or Not?

  1. Jabs says:

    To me, video games are more than just art. It’s art, adventure, and virtual reality all rolled up into one!

  2. I agree that video games are an art and that a lot of visual and cinematic creativity is involved. It may help some people discover themselves, but I think this can be done in better ways.

    1. Hi Maury, yes there are many options in today’s world to engage people with their choice of liking and of course video games are meant for its own special group. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Rick says:

    I definitely agree that video games can be considering art. We consider music, movies and painting art, why not video games? They combine many forms of art to portray a message or story to the user.

  4. Deejay Dayton says:

    Yes, I agree that video games have become an art form in and of themselves. They blend visual arts with storytelling and music. And as you said, they have the unique quality of being more interactive with the audience than other forms of art. It’s quite astounding how this has developed in a relatively short time. I am old enough to remember getting an Atari Pong game. No way one would consider that an art form. And yet now, major performers are providing voices for video games, and games have movie-like trailers before they are released.

  5. William says:

    I do believe that video games are form of art because they came from creativity and hard labor. And yes, I do agree with you.

  6. alexio Desmond says:

    Games have always been close to virtual projection to me.How else would we fly aeroplanes, test cars bridges,train astronauts,build dam walls…those are all essentially games.

  7. Ricky says:

    Video game is art! No doubt about it. When you make a video game, a lot of creativity is involved. Whatever you have in mind, you express it via drawing, painting or CGI.

    1. Hi Ricky, of course the quality all depends on the size of the studio team, and what budget they have to make the game. Absolutely is an art even if the game is made of stick figures 🙂 Thank you for the comment!

  8. Mau says:

    Of course, video games is a form of art! The effort put into designing characters, creating the story line, execution of the vision, I didn’t doubt one bit that it isn’t art. 🙂

  9. David says:

    I completely agree with you. Of course video games is an art!

    1. Thanks for the comment!

  10. roisterous says:

    Video games are truly a reflection of many different types of artists coming together to create a single product that they all agree upon. Whether or not a video game becomes successful or not doesn’t have much to do with the creators at all. It’s rather more about public opinion and the like.

    1. Public opinion definitely plays a role in a video game’s life cycle, but it isn’t the real reason for a game’s success. Public opinion doesn’t just poof out of thin air 🙂 There is a recipie with all the correct ingredients that is followed which causes emotion and excitement in communities. Some of the ingredients for this kind of success of course are the idea behind the game, the effort put in by the creators to produce quality and releasing the game at right moment in time to cause public opinion to swell. Without all or a combination of these key elements there is limited public reaction. So the makers of the video game do in fact have much to do with the success of the game! 🙂

  11. jyeungholy says:

    Yes I can see how they can be considered art. Wish there were more religion based games though. A post well thought out.

    1. Good point and thank you for the comment.

  12. arakadi says:

    So it safe to say project x is a game? Too many game postings 🙂

    1. Good observation but we haven’t announced the direction of the project yet though it should be soon. Thank you for the comment.

  13. fakeinhart says:

    Y’all keep rocking with these postings! Loving it.

  14. aschmidtweb says:

    Well said. Loving your blog.

    1. Thank you for following us 🙂

  15. ravingmiho says:

    Yes it is true my friends. For example when I play World of Warcraft, I get so emotional even with other people around me. It depends on the storyline and how well the game feels to the person playing. Thank you for this post.

  16. djjuke says:

    Nice post! I agree with your thoughts. Thank you for sharing this.

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