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Are Video Games Good For You? Presented by Saljack Enterprises

Are Video Games Good For You?

Wondering whether video games are good or bad for us? Do video games really limit our ability to learn? Do they make us more violent? Or do they affect our physical health?

Unfortunately, most of the people believe that they are the cause of many physical and mental health issues.

Actually, they can be good for us. Isn’t that a good news?

But Remember that anything in excess can be harmful. No advantage that comes from a video game will ever explain playing them for 8-10 hours a day.

So it’s solely your responsibility to figure out how long you should play! Here are some of the points that justify that playing Video Games isn’t bad for us!

  1. Enhance Creativity: Video games help you in becoming creative. Playing video games encourage you to show your creative side. So when are you starting playing a video game?
  2. Develop problem-solving skills: An epic boss and a hard level can be a problem creator. You work a little hard in your head to come out with some strategies to beat them. You try every single way to complete the level or please the boss. So video games, give you excellent problem-solving skills.
  3. Help You Become Social: Not all gamers are sitting untidily in their rooms, overweight, eating junk food, or chugging on soft drinks! Do you know 70% of all gamers play online? They make friends too. But, video games are not the replacements for real life socializations. So it is better to maintain a healthy balance of online and real life friends.
  4. Make you persevere: Some video games have very challenging setup, and you don’t want to give up on them, so you decide to fight for it again and again to beat your friend. It teaches you tenacity.
  5. Risk Taking: Almost all games are designed to trick or risk you in any situation. They prominently reward risk-takers. When you find the fantastic solutions to the most complex problems, you start doing the victory dance.It benefits you in making pro-risk, with measured strategies. We all are familiar with the risk-reward correlation – The more you take the risk, the better is the reward.
  6. Teamwork and Better Cooperation: If your game involves a group of people or team, your communication and coordination can go deeper than the usual fun you have with your regular teammates in real life. Working together to finish the goal to the point of sacrificing yourself generously, comes quite easily and naturally to the gamers.

Still, think Video Games are not good for you? Give us your views on it in the comments section!






13 thoughts on “Are Video Games Good For You?

  1. Hector says:

    Develop problem-solving skills eh? Definitely! My problem was my mom used to keep my old playstation under lock and key during weekdays and often forgets to unlock the closet so that I can use it on weekends. I solved it by putting some books in the playstation’s box in that closet and the unit itself in my room!

  2. Athan says:

    Are video games good for me? For as long as I remember, that question’s been around since the NES, probably earlier even! My answer is always the same – of course they are! The only way these things become “bad” is when it is done in excess – just like any other thing or activity in existence.

  3. A. Barnes says:

    I totally agree that it helps with problem solving and risk taking – I remember playing Zelda on Nintendo 64 when I was a kid and those temples were so difficult and scary, you had to seriously use your brain to get through those levels. It’s true that you should always play in moderation, but I definitely have seen my share of “pros” for playing video games.

  4. Mollen says:

    I think video games are god for you as long as you remember that it’s just a game and not real life. I think that some people get so caught up in the virtual world that they lose touch with the real world. This is where video games can become a detriment.

  5. M. White says:

    In my experience, video game-playing is a childhood and adolescent pursuit that you outgrow as you grow into adulthood. I know this is not a universal experience and that millions of adults love video games. However, I believe time is better spent in more constructive pursuits regardless of the positive or negative outcomes of playing.

  6. roisterous says:

    I’m a little biased cause I knew of someone who was borderline obsessed with playing video games and as a younger child, he had some sluggish brain development. He’s grown out of said sluggishness and those two things are most likely not at all related. In a general sense, I like how they influence you to be more creative.

  7. Deejay Dayton says:

    Video games are neither all good nor all bad. Dismissing them completely ignores many of the benefits that you point out, including enhancing creativity, building teamwork skills and problem solving strategies. Yes, too much playing is not a good thing. Nothing in excess!

  8. Mau says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve known of people who lost friends and girlfriends because of playing too much video games. If you could balance out your life and not play 24/7 then you’ll be fine.

    1. Vitolas says:

      This is interesting. I wonder have many breakups and divorces have stemmed from excessive video game playing, especially for millennials. This would be an interesting study.

  9. onejanedoe says:

    I think that video games can be great learning tools. I can still remember playing the game “The Lion King” with my daughter when she was only three years old. I was told by the twelve year old boy that I bought the game from, that there was a hard part and that I should take down the instructions from him to avoid frustrating my daughter. Well I did, but the only person who needed the complicated instructions was me. My daughter immediately noticed a pattern that made the problem obsolete. Myself, and the twelve year old seller, both had complicated it by looking too hard for something difficult. It took a little kid to show us that sometimes just seeing what’s right in front of you is enough. When you try too hard to come up with a solution, you sometimes overlook the obvious.

  10. Alexio Desmond says:

    Some say games are good enough..they keep you out of trouble. Gaming was an innovation and now its almost a life on its own,I appreciate this growth and hope gfor more

  11. ezzrayyan says:

    All the good points listed above are correct. However, there also a cons of the video game. Too much playing also not good.

  12. Britney says:

    Too much of a thing isn’t good for you. I agree with the benefits pointed out. However, we cannot ignore the glaring fact that playing for 4 hours (straight) or more is definitely not good for you. Just like food…eating fastfood only for a week isn’t good too. So I guess it’s 50-50 for me.

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