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Champion Brajjit, Student of Martial Arts. Presented by Saljack Enterprises

Brajjit: “Now you see me and now you… OK I’m still here… KIYAAAAA!”

Quote from Brajjit: “Now you see me and now you… OK I’m still here… KIYAAAAA!”

Hey again! Today we’re releasing for preview the updated art for Project-X Champion Brajjit. Hope you like it! More updated art and information on Project-X to follow soon.

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41 thoughts on “Updated Art: Project-X Champion Brajjit

  1. roisterous says:

    We should all be students of martial arts! Wouldn’t the world be somewhat safer if we were? I read some of the back story on Brajit. Cool art and cool back story!

  2. Azalea Esperon says:

    I really like the artwork in this page. I like the style… very urban and contemporary! The colors and texture of the clothes are great! The details of the hair… It remainds me of graffiti art in New York. Very 80’s!

  3. Azalea Esperon says:

    I love the art work! It seems so realistic and contemporary… Very urban too. It remainds me of graffiti art in New York. And yes, the main character looks a little bit like Bruce Lee! I like the detail in the texture of the pants!

  4. William says:

    Nice! I like the real feeling I’m getting from this artwork.

  5. ezzrayyan says:

    Woahh.. Nice arkwork! The drawing look real also 🙂

  6. Michael says:

    Cool artwork! I wonder what martial art do you use as a reference for brajjit’s fighting style. Also great backstory!

  7. Allan I. Varquiez says:

    Ingeniously thought out. with a martial arts hero mold by the harsh of life. The creativity and character description are distinctive.

  8. Alexio Desmond says:

    Comedy and martial arts.. always a beautiful combination but when fused with drawing becomes the stuff of legends. Brajjit do that flykick haha

  9. Luis says:

    Oohhh! Finally got to see Brajjit! He looks exactly like what I had in mind. Awesome!

    1. Wait till you see the next few characters we’re about to release! Thank you for the comment.

  10. Michael says:

    This is so cool! Are you aiming for a bruce-lee-feel from Brajjit?

    1. Possibly 🙂 Bruce Lee definitely was a legend! But as you have probably already noticed, all the characters have a special type of fighting skill, and Brajit excels at illusive combat.

  11. Renata Gick says:

    Now THAT is a high kick! And I am loving the fact that not one hair is out of place!! Great detail, right down to the shoes.

  12. ultraboy8888 says:

    wow, that leg is so straight you’d swear the guy had studied ballet! Nice drawing, very good colours. I just noticed the comment above about the lack of shadow on the floor. Funny, I liked the shadow on the wall, but hadn’t paid attention to the floor until I read that. Looking at it again, it doesn’t seem like too much of an issue, though. Really nice work on the face and the hands, which many artists just cannot seem to render well.

    1. Thank you for the comment 🙂

  13. 66 fem wannabee says:

    OH I WISH! I have always wanted to take up the martial arts. They demand such time and dedication. Practicing in the martial arts developes strong character. I wonder if 66 years of age is too late to start?

  14. Yshmael says:

    What wonderful work! Although, I just find it a bit weird that the character does not have a shadow on the ground. I mean, there’s one on the wall that suggest a frontal light source from a low area, but the light on the floor also suggest a light source from up top. Anyway, still overall impressive to me since I can’t create such a thing.

    1. Great observation! We’ll definitely bring this point up with the artists!

  15. Zach says:

    That is a good piece of work! The motion being illustrated brings nostalgia to me. Reminds me of an old fighting game character I used quite often back when I was still an active gamer.

  16. Mau T. says:

    I saw Iurasia first and now Brajjit. Keep the artworks coming. 🙂

    1. Thank you. We definitely will!

  17. onejanedoe says:

    Interesting background story on this one. Though he is said to be good with the ladies due to his ability to connect with his softer side, he looks like the type that will remain a loner and never hook up with anyone steady. Am I right?

    1. Yes it is true, that is one possible outcome to the story. Our writers are still working on finishing up the story-line so you will have to wait and see! Thank you for the comment!

  18. redeye13 says:

    Aaaah, capoeira! Lovely art, but I should tell you about the hands. A little closer to the foreground and it would appear more realistic, but hey, practice makes perfect. 🙂

    1. Great observation! Thank you for the comment.

  19. Paula Marie Navarra says:

    The artwork is good. It looks realistic to be honest. I wish I can make something like this or kick like that. Lol!

    1. Practice makes perfect! 🙂

  20. Paula Marie Navarra says:

    I would love to learn how to kick like that for self defense. This is a very nice artwork. It looks realistic I wish I can make something like this.

    1. Thank you for the comment Paula. If there is some custom work you’d like done, you may contact us for it.

  21. Andy says:

    Ahh I can do a kick like that in my sleep! Yup! only in my dreams lol. Great artwork!

  22. djjuke says:

    Man I’d love to be able to do that lol. Again nice art work!

  23. Yi Ling says:

    Hihi love action kick. What kind of name is Brajjit?

    1. Hi again Li! Have you read the story behind the character? If not I recommend you take a look there for more information. Thank you for asking.

  24. Eduardo Bahas says:

    Love the artwork!

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