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Do Action Games Turn You Off Or On? Presented by Saljack Enterprises

Are You An Action Game Lover?

If there’s one genre in video games that pretty much-surprised everyone with its success is ‘Action’.

Do you always wonder: Why are action video games becoming such a big success despite the fact that they have no desire to shoot or kill actual people?

If you too are intrigued to learn the answer to this tantalizing question, then join me as we explore the 4 groups of these players.

  1. Achieving Adams (Acting, World) – They are the ones who want their names on the top of the scoreboards and dream to get 100% of the achievement badges that a game may give. They take the game as a challenge. Leaderboards, levels, and shiny badges, grab these folks, and many games have more than enough to satisfy anyone.
  2. Exploring Edwards  (World, Interacting) – They want to learn as much as they can about the game. This includes exploring the story and huge portions of the map, along with that it includes exploring mechanics. They play a particular game for the knowledge. They are attracted to the games with great mechanics and interesting settings that give them a lot of freedom.
  3. Socializing Steves (Players, Interacting) – This group usually plays the game just to hang out with their friends and have fun. They play for the community. Thus, they gravitate towards more casual action games where the community is more emphasized.
  4. Battling Bernsteins (Players, Acting) – These are the ones who are interested in beating a human opponent. They would gladly play a less flashy game as long as they were confident that they could win bragging rights. They play their game for the competition. Games with high skill ceilings attract these players.

Hence, you can see, the action genre of games holds a broad appeal, and is coupled with simple to understand mechanics.

So which group do you belong to?  Comment here and let us know!





12 thoughts on “Do Action Games Turn You Off or On?

  1. Sendro says:

    Well I have multiple personalities so I am all of the LOL.

  2. Erma says:

    I’m definitely a Battling Bernstein. I am a very competitive person and I like real human to human competition. I’s a battle of wits and I thrive on the thrill of winning!

  3. Steve says:

    Yes, action games really get my adrenaline going! Depending on my mood, I like to play solo or in a group.

  4. M. White says:

    I would say that many people fall into different categories depending on the game. Not everyone adheres to just one but may encompass all or most or one or two of the categories. I think I am more an Exploring Edward but can be in other categories too.

  5. Deejay Dayton says:

    Interesting. I am not, actually, an action games person. And I never quite understood their appeal. The list of the four different kinds of players gave me some insight as to what it is that attracts people to these games. Were I to play them, I think I would be an Exploring Edward.

  6. onejanedoe says:

    I agree with Alexio, there are more types of players out there that play action games, than just four. Myself, i would think that I am a cross between a Curious Chloe and a Fashionista Fiona. By Fashionista Fiona, I mean someone who can get involved in a game simply because they like the look of the wardrobe that the characters wear. One of the things I enjoy the most about any game, is picking my character and the outfit that they are going to wear. Other than that, I am the girl who is trying to learn the game while my boyfriend is out so that I can save myself embarrasment.

  7. Mau says:

    I’m a Socializing Steve (except I’m a girl). 🙂 I would play if I have my friends with me but most probably would not play alone.

  8. Kerry Vital says:

    I’m definitely an Exploring Edward! My favourite games are always the one that lets me get enmeshed into a world and allows me to find new surprises around every corner.

  9. Alexio Desmond says:

    On Fridays Im a Bernstein,Saturdays a Steve and an Edwards but on Sundays Im an Adams.Love games always have,but there is more types like Curious Chloes, girls who playing for the first time or learning while the boyfriend is out or sleeping.Nosey Nancys just wanting to know everything bout their boyfriend trying to irritate.

  10. Marco says:

    Achieving Adam here guilty as charged! Hahaha! I’m an occasional player and I don’t play for long hours. I’m ok with my achievements, no need to beat opponents!

  11. Yi Ling says:

    For me it would depends on the type of action game. I love games like Uncharted 4 and fan of non action games like World of Warcraft but I feels it dying now. You are building game too?

    1. Hi Yi, We haven’t decided on the direction of the project as of yet, but we’re working on it. An announcement will be made soon hopefully 🙂

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