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Every Hero Needs A Home. Presented by Saljack Enterprises, Media & Entertainment. Gaming.

Every Hero Needs A Home

Even the lowest of digital creatures needs a place to call home. So what of the family of amazing digipeople we have created here at Saljack? Would Briiana prefer to be worshiped by millions in a series of groundbreaking online shorts or be placed in a never ending battle of survival in the next great video game? Would Travour rather be introduced to his inevitable legion of fans in a full length feature or would he be happy to traipse around a beautifully imaged world created from our own imagination.

Developing a family of characters, as we have here at Saljack, is only half the battle. Sure they are all equally designed with impressive animation and back stories and are destined to take on a life of their own but they still need a place to call home. A starting point in their long and storied digital life so to speak.

So where do we begin their digital life? Digital entertainment is a sea unto itself and the constant ebbs and flows are constantly blurring the lines between active and passive viewing. Some of the greatest video games of all time have been made into blockbuster movies and some of the best movies have been made into wildly successful video game franchises. Choosing which comes first for our family of heroes is tantamount to the classic chicken and egg debate and we want to make sure we get it right. Is it better to build a following through television and online videos to create a demand for a long awaited game or does making an awesome game that creates a demand for further story telling through digital media and video production make more sense?

Perhaps in an era of multi-screen homes and ever increasing technical mobility it may even make sense to blitz both avenues so our characters could have the best of both worlds. So many questions. Do you have the answer?




13 thoughts on “Every Hero Needs a Home

  1. Harry C. says:

    I say blitz both avenues and then flow the most with the avenue that generating the best and fastest results! Base everything on data and testing, because trying to guess in this market you just can never be sure. What you think may work might just be proven a wrong move in a series of real world tests.

  2. Deejay Dayton says:

    A good question, but I think ultimately the second option you suggested, making a game that makes the players demand more of a story, is the wiser way to go. In a way, the less riskier option. If the game is not good, no amount of character work or backstory is going to draw people in. And having a great trailer but a poor game can really backfire, if the audience feels let down.

  3. M. White says:

    There have been countless video games made into movies that have been entirely lackluster. Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat come to mind. I prefer great movies that have been made into great games: The Indiana Jones series has inspired some fantastic games that I recall from my youth.

  4. I think movies into games is a better order, but then again some very successful blockbusters have originated from video games. Wouldn’t mind seeing Halo turned into a motion picture with its intricate story and killer graphics.

  5. M. Gamaliel says:

    Honestly, I feel like going with the two avenues at ago would overwhelm the targeted audience and some might find it hard to play catch up. However, I have a hunch from past experiences that starting with the movie then the video game coming later will make the game very popular depending on the reception of the movie, but looking from your idea it must be something spectacular.

  6. Mau says:

    Hmm… not really an expert on these things but making it into a movie focuses more into the storyline while a video game will focus more on the fighting styles (just like roisterous said above); so it depends on what area you would like to focus on. You will reach more people with a movie though (just my opinion); e.g. I will most likely watch the movie than play it. Not all people are gamers.

  7. Alexio Desmond says:

    Blitzing sounds cool but in reality its time consuming and wastes money.I guess sampling may help like they do test screening with sample audiences.

  8. roisterous says:

    It depends far more on the actual story line and characters to make such a decision. If the story line focuses much more heavily upon fighting, then film to game would be the better route. If the fighting is something that is merely a portion of the character’s story line, then film to game would probably be better.

    1. Jaelynn says:

      I yhink you may have made an error in your comment roisterous. You have stated that no matter if fighting is a mainstay or a bi product of the story, that film to game is the way to go. One of the two would have to be game to film if your comment is to read without creating more questions than it answers. I would think that if fighting is the majority of the story line that game to film would be the natural choice as outside of a whole lot of battle scenes, there wouldn’t be anything to develop character in a movie that is dependent solely on fighting. Other than that, I see your point.

  9. Andres says:

    Why settle for one platform when you can breathe life to these characters in all available media? We want to see them in action asap!

  10. Mauricio says:

    Success depends more in the people getting fond of the hero. Using al channels availabe will make more people to know the heroes and likely seek for the rest of avialabe materilas

  11. djjuke says:

    I guess it depends on the feasibility and the vision of the idea. Is it realistic or is it fiction? I mean nowadays its easy to do anything in a movie too. Nice post.

  12. Eduardo Bahas says:

    It’s true. It can be hard to decide which direction to go. Well keep up the good work anyhow.

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