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Time For A Gaming Reality Check. Article presented by Saljack Enterprises. Media & Entertainment. Gaming.

Time For A Gaming Reality Check

The tree canopy looms far above you and the sounds of spider monkeys and macaws fill the air. The tiny beams of light that manage to fight their way through the dense tree tops bring enough light to find your way but just. The smell of decaying plant life fills your head.

You have been here a while now, waiting, watching, praying not to be discovered knowing that eventually we all get found. Then it happens.

In the distance you hear footsteps and they are getting closer, louder. Then suddenly a frantic banging noise frightens off the spider monkeys in the trees above and it appears as if out of nowhere.

The door to your bedroom opens and your roommate is yelling at you to pick up the phone. Too bad, you were so close to winning the game.

The gaming industry is not quite to Holodeck status (Trekkies know what I am talking about) but we are getting closer than ever to a completely immersive gaming experience. Both Virtual Reality tech and Augmented Reality tech have been growing exponentially in recent years and we the gamer will reap the benefits of that technology soon.

All the tech captains of industry have jumped on board and bought into the new tech showing their willingness to mass market it. They are already buying up the small tech companies that are inventing, enhancing and engineering these new technologies.

Augmented Reality, sometimes referred to as Mixed Reality in my opinion is by far the more stunning of the new tech out there. Augmented Reality is the seamless blending of virtual images and real world objects. Want a Robot to drop out of your attic? A tank to run over your neighbor’s lawn? An alien invasion in your basement? This is how you make it happen. The technology aims to make anything possible anywhere using your real surroundings and augmenting it with fun things to do and silly things to blow up. This I find is a little less disorienting than Virtual Reality in that if someone walks in on you while you are frantically blasting alien creatures you will actually see them as opposed to them having to tap you on the shoulder and quite possibly scare the mushrooms out of you. Augmented Reality technology also has applications reaching beyond gaming to the wider community as a whole with an emphasis on corporate and engineering applications.

Every industry from manufacturing to medicine to construction could benefit greatly from this technology and although the tech looks good I don’t think they are done improving it quite yet. I can’t wait to experience the final product.

Virtual Reality is a totally immersive experience. It attacks all of your senses, except maybe smell….for now. When immersed a virtual game the gamer can lose touch with his present day real surroundings. On occasion that could be a good thing. The tech is getting better and the hardware associated with it is getting, smaller, lighter, cheaper and overall more user friendly so I am sure we will all have a headset in the near future, just beware of that unexpected shoulder tap.

We are not there yet but soon we will be able to go anywhere. Get your jungle pants on people!





12 thoughts on “Time for a Gaming Reality Check

  1. Erma says:

    Pokemon go has shown us how far technology is advancing the gaming industry and merging it with offline world experiences. This is surely a major step and breahthrough for the gaming industry and there’s no telling what’s coming next.

  2. Steve says:

    I got my jungle pants on. I’m ready, bring it on!

  3. Shonda says:

    VR makes me sick. Like, it messes up with my sense of balance. I think AR is way cooler because you have both real and virtual in one frame. Beat that!

  4. Henry says:

    Virtual reality has been around for quite some time (80s I think) but the technology couldn’t just take off. I mean, it’s out there but the lack of support from third-party manufacturers hinders its mainstream penetration. All it takes is one company to make it right. Just like Apple. They didn’t invent the touch screen but it has become ubiquitous since they hit it big with the iPhone.

  5. Robbie says:

    Technology has always been a two-edged sword. Despite all the benefits that we may gain from VR or AR, my concern is towards the social implication and possibility that this technology could be used for criminal purposes. Developers of VR & AR should consider the mitigation steps from now as part of their responsibility.

  6. Mau says:

    Is Pokémon Go considered Augmented reality? It would be interesting to see this in other industries. not just in gaming.

  7. Kerry Vital says:

    Definitely the wave of the future! I’ve tried a few virtual reality games and found them fascinating. I look forward to seeing how the technology continues to develop.

  8. Mark C. says:

    I imagine the porn industry will benefit greatly from this kind of technology. Think of all the nerds and loners who’s only source of sexual intercourse will be through virtual or augmented reality. If this technology isn’t already out there, it definitely will be in the future.

  9. M. White says:

    Augmented reality could revolutionize the training in certain professions. It will not just be used for mindless gaming experiences. Think of the benefits of augmented and virtual reality in training firefighter, surgeons, and police officers. It may already be in use to some extent but the possibilities are exciting.

  10. onejanedoe says:

    I can see augmented reality being more readily accessible than any really high quality virtual reality as in order for virtual reality to be really, real, smell will have to be incorporated to get the all over experience, but of the two, my preference is the virtual reality. I mean, OK, so an alien army can go attack my neighbors backyard but can it actually do anything to it? I mean outside of blow up and damage stuff that itsn’t really there. Our does it take real things that are in their yard and make it look like they blow up? I suppose that might be fun. There is something about being totally immersed in another reality that is appealing, however, and I am sure there are many out there who feel the same way. I can see where one day, you will be able to buy a “holiday” experience without ever leaving the city you live in.

  11. Deejay Dayton says:

    Yes, this will be the wave of the future, in gaming and in entertainment. I have a friend who is working on adapting some virtual reality stuff for live theatre. It’s still pretty rough, but in a decade I’m sure this will be the norm, and people will wonder how games were ever played without it.

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