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It's time to give this heroine due credit. Presented by Saljack Enterprises. Media & Entertainment. Gaming.

Time to give this heroine due credit. Have you guessed who?

The woman one of the most famous super heroes once referred to as the best fighter in the world should finally be given the credit she deserves. Born of Amazonian royalty and trained by ancient Greek Gods she would be a very formidable foe even without her little known superpowers and awesome trinkets.

Virtually every major comic book character creation has made it to both the big and small screens over the last 60 years but none of them possess the array of abilities that this woman does. Did you know for instance that she can read minds? Telepathy and ESP. Yep she has them. Super strength and super speed? Yep put a check mark beside that one.
She also has the ability to turn brain power into muscle power and has the ability to astral project should the need arise and is the only known super hero to be able to lift that blonde Viking guy’s Hammer.

Now, one would surmise that with all of the aforementioned superness no one in their right mind would ever take on our mystery woman but alas some still do. It is at that moment that they realize that she is virtually invulnerable and in the off chance she gets a little nick she has the ability to heal herself.

Oh yeah and she has a magic rope that makes people tell the truth! I so want one of those. I could use it on my lawyer, the mailman, my local politician……really it’s an endless list. Although if she has the powers of ESP and telepathy I am not sure why she really needs it, perhaps she could use a sidekick without those powers to lend it to in case of emergency.
She is also the ONLY super hero to have her very own invisible plane that travels around 3000 mph. Not only is it invisible she never has to worry about losing her keys because she CONTROLS IT WITH HER MIND!

Sure she is kind of famous, she has done okay for herself but really she deserves so much more. Did you know there has never been a video game based on this character on any of the big three consoles whereas her male counterparts have had multiple. Perhaps it is hard to find (or design) a formidable foe for such a fierce female? We shall see.
Figured it out yet? No? Well, on the bright side, if you haven’t figured out who our mystery female super hero is, fans will be treated to her first feature length movie next summer and I can’t wait. It is about time.



11 thoughts on “It is time to give her some credit

  1. onejanedoe says:

    Looking at the sweet little girl in the art, I would not have guessed Wonder Woman, athough, who else, since there are not that many female super heroes out there. I would have thought it was some little known character that has just been brought to light because she has only just recently matured into her super powers, maybe “Super Girl,” Superman’s little sister, or something. She does look like she longs for the day of equality of all species, be they man, woman, child or alien and I hope that she helps to create that utopia.

  2. Yuen Ling Elaine Au Yeung says:

    “Not only is it invisible she never has to worry about losing her keys because she CONTROLS IT WITH HER MIND!” What I think that, no matter people stay in other place, he or she might be a good-hearted person for appreciation others

  3. Magnus says:

    Lynda Carter will always be Wonder Woman to me. It took a long time before her show became a movie, but I am sure that many of her fans, as well as the comic book’s, are more than happy to see it become a part of reality.

  4. Luther says:

    It’s about time they make a proper movie about her. I believe that her fighting ability is way better than Big S and could actually beat him if she decides to without having to resort to using his weakness to glowing green rocks like the bat-dude does. I hope her movie doesn’t end up like the cat-burglar-turned-heroine’s movie.

  5. A. Barnes says:

    Always a big fan of super hero movies, and after reading your article listing off all of Wonder Woman’s powers I’m kind of upset that they haven’t had more video games and movies surrounding her. Can’t wait to check that out next summer.

  6. Deejay Dayton says:

    She also, in some stories, is able to talk to animals! I hadn’t realized that there had never been a Wonder Woman game. But I did know that, for decades, DC wanted to keep her less powerful than Superman. That has been changing in the last few years. Also, did you know that the man who created her also invented the lie detector? That lasso must have been an inspiration.

  7. roisterous says:

    Perhaps it’s even beyond time. Those types of abilities would be really great for anyone to have, sctual superhero or not

  8. Jeanette says:

    No one comes close to the Wonder Woman! She’s my personal hero and I’m glad she will have her own movie soon!

  9. Maureen says:

    Wonder Woman! Not that hard to figure that one out. It’s her time to shine baby!

  10. Mau says:

    Haha, I’m guessing it’s Wonder Woman (and I only guessed because I saw it in the Tags so I’m not sure if that’s cheating??). I didn’t realize she has all those super powers; she’s almost invincible when you read it like that.

    1. Yes it is! 🙂 Thanks for pointing it out, fixed now!

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