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We’re changing the game at Saljack Enterprises

Everybody wants to be an original. A unique being in a world filled with mediocrity. At Saljack we are on our way to achieving that goal and it starts at the top.

Thanks to our the plethora of information on the internet and a bit of time to kill, it struck me that the gaming industry in general is wholly lacking the female perspective. Considering that women comprise roughly 50 percent of the planet and an ever increasing percentage of the mass gaming populous it seems odd that the companies making games have so few of them in key design, development and executive roles.

Saljack is changing that. Founded, owned and operated by a woman, Saljack is poised to bring a dynamic new perspective to the gaming industry. One that speaks to the entire planet not just half of it. There may be other companies within our niche that have women at the helm but a quick search of the top ten game makers, according to one of the popular mainstream online sources for the latest gaming news, failed to show even one. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Uniqueness by definition means limited in occurrence to a given class, situation or area. It also means having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable. Saljack has checked that box.




21 thoughts on “Changing the Game

  1. Jhei says:

    I don’t think gender makes any difference in owning or running a company. As long as they meet the expectations of their clients and care for their employees, success will not be an unreachable goal. In the gaming industry, it may even be an advantage because I don’t think the female population of gamers is fully tapped as of yet.

  2. Athan says:

    All I can say is that you are playing with the big boys now. And the people you’re up against think high and mighty of themselves already, so it is not gonna be a walk in the park, nor do I think that they’re gonna make it such for your company. But there is still so much to explore in the gaming universe for anyone to claim dominion over it. I have been a gamer for as long as I remember, and I feel that there is more to it than just visual improvements. Perhaps the female perspective can see what its counterpart had been missing all these years. Good luck!

  3. Interesting, it would make sense for the industry to start making more video games directed at women. It’s a cool concept.

  4. roisterous says:

    I am quite curious to see what sorts of new ideas you’ll incorporate into features using a female perspective. I assume that one change would be less games with female characters that are wearing skimpy clothing.

    1. Hi roisterous, yes if the direction of this project is a game (announcement not yet made) then there will be the option to choose your costume/looks. We listen to feedback from everyone and do our best to accommodate. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Alexio Desmond says:

    I noticed, I know people say this,but the characters spoke volumes. A battle of the sexes must be an endeavour for the near future.

  6. Rajkumar says:

    It’s an interesting thought bringing up female characters into the game field.good luck to saljackenterprises

  7. onejanedoe says:

    Thoufh I think its great that your company is female based, and in that, unique for this type of industry, I believe that if the product stands up to the market test, then “that’s all she wrote,” so to speak. I mean, whatever you do, if you do it with integrity and real desire to please your market, it doesn’t matter what your sex or gender or if more leading game makers are from Japan than Canada. As long as the end product is good, no one is really going care that it was designed by women, nor do I think that this should be a defining criteria for merit. But….if the games bomb,….you xan make a bet that men everywhere will say its because they were designed by women. Go figure.

  8. Rajkumar says:

    It’s a good thought bringing up female characters into the gaming fields.And good luck to saljackenterprises

  9. Joan says:

    Thank you for this article. I think it’s about time…it’s 2016 already! What ideas do you for pushing this agenda? Go girl power!

    1. Well first we need to get established within the industry as it is heavily male dominated. We’re working towards our goals 🙂 Thank you for supporting us!

  10. Marni says:

    There are a handful of video games with heroines, but these are, I believe, marketed for men. So when you say the video gaming industry needs a female perspective, does it mean producing video games that will appeal to women? Or is that female perspective limited only to the boardroom?

    1. We mean that will appeal to everyone. But it is though out there, we first need to get established and known in the industry. Thank you for your comment and supporting us!

  11. Brad P. says:

    The female perspective on games? Why not? I mean, some of my favorite game reviewers from a variety of sites, magazines, and shows are girls. Though a few of them seem to oversee some of the technical aspects of games, overall, they do a satisfactory job on their reviews, which I do take into consideration prior to purchasing one.

    1. Thank you for your comment and support.

  12. Argus says:

    I don’t really understand why the gaming industry lacks the female perspective. I believe that they enjoy that form of entertainment as much as we do. I look forward to the growth of this company and see its impact to the gaming world.

  13. Lilla says:

    Way to go, Cami! This makes me think of the success of ‘The Hunger Games’ films, where Jennifer Lawrence has inspired legions of women to realize they can be heroes too. Looking forward to seeing more of your new perspective.

  14. Deejay Dayton says:

    A post to be proud of. I noticed the one yesterday which mentioned that Saljack was a female run company. As I mentioned then, I hadn’t noticed it, but it’s good that there is such a thing. There ought to be many more.

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